Finished Kitchen

The builder came and installed the splash back today, so now we have a finished kitchen. We are very happy with the results

Kitchen and floor

The kitchens were installed last weekend. The photo below shows the kitchen in the main house (it is white under the blue protective plastic). You can also see the floor, which looks great. It will be even better once it has been cleaned.

House Update

Today we had some nice weather and I had an opportunity to get down to the house with the camera and take a few new shots. Ceilings have been painted and the undercoat is on.  The next week will see the painting continue and then we should see the floor installed.  The kitchen people are…

Adventures in Infrared

Hello everyone.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Good.  Today we are going to take a slight diversion from house updates and talk about infrared remote controls.  It is going to get a bit technical, so if you aren’t interested, you can go look at some funny pictures of cats

Cabling complete…almost

All of the cabling except for one antenna cable and some speaker cable is in.  The electrician needs to run a few more circuits for the outside lights and some additional inside circuits for the garage door and central heating. It seems that my estimate of the amount of cable I needed was a bit…


I got a start on the cabling today.  I spent about 6 hours on site and got the catenary cables installed in the roof and the Cat-5E C-Bus cabling installed in the main house. This photo shows the cables that I will install: Cat-5e for C-Bus and Alarm keypads Cat-6 for Data 4 Core and…