Cabling complete…almost

All of the cabling except for one antenna cable and some speaker cable is in.  The electrician needs to run a few more circuits for the outside lights and some additional inside circuits for the garage door and central heating.

It seems that my estimate of the amount of cable I needed was a bit optimistic.  In addition to the cable shown in the earlier photo I have added another 1500m of Cat 6 and another 300m of RG6 coax. In addition, the electrician has used about 2000m of various types of 240v cable.

The stats are:

  • 2700m of Cat 6 cable
  • 500m of Cat 5e cable
  • 2000m of 240v cable
  • 600m of RG6 coax
  • 250m of speaker cable
  • 2 x 10m HDMI cables
  • 200m of 4 core alarm cable
  • 100m of 2 core alarm cable
  • Approximately 1000 cable ties


2 Replies to “Cabling complete…almost”

  1. Wow, that is an impressive amount of cable!

    I’m just starting on my build journey and am really keen to do some home automation. As a programmer in my past life I’m keen to learn where to find technical details about CBUS and CBUS programming!

    1. Thankfully Clipsal is pretty good at sharing information on C-Bus. I guess because the equipment is widely available rather than being limited to specialist dealers like other systems are.

      You can get all of the technical information, configuration software and training course notes from Clipsal’s site

      You will also find lots of good information and help at the C-Bus Forum site

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