Adventures in Infrared – part 2

Continuing from part 1, I have replaced the IR detector in the matrix receiver and now the receiver can detect the 56KHz Austar remote.  Unfortunately the transmitter is still sending out a 38KHz signal and the Austar box doesn’t respond to it. At this point I can see two options: Build a circuit to convert…

Adventures in Infrared

Hello everyone.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Good.  Today we are going to take a slight diversion from house updates and talk about infrared remote controls.  It is going to get a bit technical, so if you aren’t interested, you can go look at some funny pictures of cats

So much spin I’m getting dizzy

This is kind of old news now, but I have been too busy to post in the last week or so. The chaser “invasion” of the APEC security zone was funny but also extremely alarming. The authorities applied “spin” to the issue, claiming that the security worked as the Chaser boys were arrested and that…

Fascinating Captain

Well, colour me excited. Tonight when I brought up the TV guide on Foxtel I noticed a new entry. Starting from December 1, The SciFi channel arrives on Foxtel.

The Foxtel IQ Remote is a Universal Remote

While browsing the Foxtel site today I discovered that the remote controls for the Foxtel digital set top box and Foxtel IQ box are actually universal remote, and can be configured to control your television, DVD, VCR and amp. I am sure that this information was not included in my Foxtel IQ manual. The manual…

A much cooler way to spend US$20,000

Your very own “Lost In Space” Robot I have a 12″ model, but this would be so much cooler. I think I would put in by the front door to great callers. “My sensors indicate religious missonaries approaching. Danger! Danger Will Robinson”.