The New Toy…I Mean Tool

I spotted this in the yard at the mower dealer in Lithgow. We had a chat to the guy who runs the place who told us he had it on consignment for a customer who wanted to trade-up and it was for sale at the right price. A quick phone call to the customer and it was ours.

The plan is to keep it at our (future) neighbour’s place until we have somewhere to house it.

It is a Kubota 6100 4WD 14HP tractor with 3′ slasher. We will use my father-in-law’s ride-on to keep the grass near the house in check and the tractor for the rest of the block where all that is required is slashing.

I am hoping that I can put a ripper on the back and use it to make some of the trenches we will need for water and electricity too.

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