After several weeks in council, we finally got approval to start building and things have started moving ahead.

The first thing we had to do was prepare the building platform.  Unfortunately the lovely gum tree that first sold us on the block ended up being right in the middle of the platform, so it had to come down:

The remains of the gum tree

Once that was out-of-the-way, the bulldozer came in and excavated the building platform.  Here you can see the platform and the start of the formwork for the slab.  You can also see the kit frames and windows in the background.

The start of the form work for the slab

The slab was laid and a few days later they started the framing.  The frames in the picture were put up in one day.  It only took about 5 days in total to get all of the frames up.

The first of the framing goes up

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