BOSE – Excellence in customer service

About a week ago my much loved Bose headphones broke – the plastic headband snapped. If they were a cheaper set of headphones I would have just thrown them away, but with a $500 replacement cost I thought it was worth enquiring about repair. I called Bose and was advised that they may be able to repair them and that the best thing to do was to drop them in to the Bose office in Newington.
I called in there yesterday and was met by the service manager. He asked when I purchased them and how they had broken. I advised him that they were about 18 months old and that they just broke one day when I took them out of the case. He told me that he could see evidence of hairline cracking in the plastic and that even though they were out of warranty they would replace them at no charge!
5 minutes later he brought me a Bose bag containing a replacement set of headphones, some Bose stickers and two packets of Bose branded “Jaffas”! It certainly left me with a great impression of Bose and not only much more likely to purchase Bose in the future but also to recommend Bose to other people.

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