How much energy is spent producing energy rating stickers?

We just bought a new freezer. It comes with one of those energy star rating stickers stuck on the door. Starting with the new washing machine we bought six months ago I have noticed an annoying trend in these stickers. They used to be made of a kind of plastic that was held on to the metal with static & suction more than glue. They came off easily. The new stickers are paper and seem to be stuck on with superglue. They come off in a thousand tiny scraps and leave a horrible glue residue behind. The result, instead of looking at an ugly sticker on the freezer, I am now looking at uglier, partially shredded sticker!

Why do they need to put the sticker on anyway? I mean, of all the freezers, washing machines, fridges etc produced, how many are destined to be display models? Couldn’t they supply the stickers for the retailer to stick on to the display model? The same with the stickers on your new TV that tell you it has “Super auto-vibrant constrast modulation” or whatever?

Anybody know of a good sticker removal product? Big Kev we miss you!

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