The brickies have started thanks to a cancellation on another job.  After two days they have bricks to the wall height for about 2/3 of the house.  By the end of tomorrow they should have completed the first half of the brickwork.

Roof Trusses

The framing continues.  We took these photos on the weekend – about two-thirds of the roof trusses are up. By the end of this week we should have all the roof trusses up and we will be ready to start putting the roof sheets on and getting the bricks laid – all 19,000 of them…


After several weeks in council, we finally got approval to start building and things have started moving ahead. The first thing we had to do was prepare the building platform.  Unfortunately the lovely gum tree that first sold us on the block ended up being right in the middle of the platform, so it had…

Photosynth of our block

We were down at the block this morning, so I made a quick photosynth of our block. The sun wasn’t in the best position, and some of the sky is missing, but it still gives you an idea of the surroundings. I will make a better one when I get a chance.

The New Toy…I Mean Tool

I spotted this in the yard at the mower dealer in Lithgow. We had a chat to the guy who runs the place who told us he had it on consignment for a customer who wanted to trade-up and it was for sale at the right price. A quick phone call to the customer and…

We have plans

We have received our final plan pack from PAAL. I have uploaded a scan of the floorplan in pdf format:Floorplan.pdf We have a meeting with our builder on site this Saturday to start the next step in the process

We have a shed

We went down to our block for a look around yesterday. We took our two girls, plus our two dogs, plus my mother-in-law Anne with her two dogs and on the way we collected Mel (our neighbour to be), her dog and her three children. There were dogs and children running everywhere. This is the…

The Sold Sign

They do things a bit more slowly in the Blue Mountains. We exchanged contracts on our land before Christmas, but by mid January the sold sticker still hadn’t been put up. The property is a 15-20 minute drive from the Real Estate office and the land is at the end of a 2km road, so…

We’re building a house

Only two weeks until we settle on our land in Hartley. This will be the view from the back of our new house.