The bubble is back redux

The previously mentioned Bluetooth Network at Broadway shopping centre is offering a free trial – so I signed up.

Amazingly underwhelming. You have to leave your phone in “Discoverable” mode, which I don’t like doing because of security concerns. Even though they claim to have 100 base stations throughout the centre I often have no access.

It offers incredibly useful directions; such as when I asked it for directions to Collins Booksellers it suggested “Walk towards Collins Booksellers”.

And the special deals – things like “Come in to and check out our special deals”. Wow, that is worth $5 a month.

I know that they are just in startup mode, but the whole thing seems to fall in to the “yes you can, but why did you?” category.

I predict one of two things will happen;

  1. The service will change to free (advertising supported)
  2. The company will go broke

Or, probably even more likely 1 followed by 2.

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