The Foxtel IQ Remote is a Universal Remote

While browsing the Foxtel site today I discovered that the remote controls for the Foxtel digital set top box and Foxtel IQ box are actually universal remote, and can be configured to control your television, DVD, VCR and amp. I am sure that this information was not included in my Foxtel IQ manual. The manual for the remote explains how it all works. It even includes a learning feature, in case the code for your product isn’t included.

A Glowing Recommendation

I just received a glowing recommendation of my technical ability from Olivia. Apparently she told Kym:

“daddy is a good fixing man isn’t he mummy, and I love him”

Apparently this praise was earned by re-attaching the door to her Little People school bus on Saturday night.

Should I update my resume?

The joy of Dialup…Not!

This week we have been having a little trip down memory lane. Due to Telstra’s incompetance our ADSL has gone off line. Last week it seems that Telstra put someone else’s configuration onto our line, with the result that My Darling Wife Kym (MDWK) who complains that I never mention her here, received some irate phone calls from some woman who wanted to know why we had her telephone number! MDWK explained that perhaps she should call Telstra as she (MDWK) had no idea why we had her telephone number. Of course this meant that we lost our ADSL as well. Continue reading

New Site

As you can see, I have moved this site over to a new format. I am now using the Serendipity weblog system. This will enable me to re-enable comments and hopefully not get comment spam, but we will see how that goes.

Due to the move, entry categorisation has been lost. I will try and restore them as I get time.


We had a good last couple of days in New York – The Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History was a particular highlight for me – The 3D effects (no glasses required) are fantastic.

We have left the cold of New York for the warmth of Orlando in Florida. Think Gold Coast without the high-rise – it is all spread out but the same type of tourist tackiness. The area is home to about 8 major theme parks from Disney and Universal.

Today (Sunday) we are driving up to St. Augustine to see Kym’s cousin and then Monday and Tuesday we will go to a couple of parks – The Universal ones sound like they might be better for adults than the Disney ones.

New York, New York! Part 2

It has been another couple of full days for us here in New York. On Monday we took the trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. She isn’t as big as we thought :-).

We braved the outside upper deck yesterday for the “up town” bus tour, but after two hours I couldn’t feel my feet, so we stayed inside for the “holiday lights” tour last night and the “down town” tour today.

New York, New York

Kym and I have started our US adventure. We had a bit of a rocky start after our plane for the LA to NY leg was taken out of service 5 minutes after we boarded. After a 1 1/2 hour delay they found a new plane and we were on our way. We arrived in NY about 10:30pm local time only to wait for 30 minutes at the baggage carousel. They then told us that if our bags hadn’t appeared (which ours hadn’t) then we had to walk over to the next terminal where they would be waiting.