DVD Installed

I have installed the DVD-R in my eMac. So far all seems well. I have been able to watch DVDs and burn a DVDRW. I don’t have a copy of iDVD yet (iLife is delayed apparently) so I can’t test that, but I am hopeful. I took photos of the process and I am now…

DVD Upgrade for my eMac

My plan for the long weekend is to replace the CD RW drive in my eMac with a DVD “Superdrive”. It should be pretty straightforward although the eMac doesn’t look to be the easiest beast to disassemble. I will put up a web page showing how to do it as the only page currently available…

On Safari

I have adopted Safari as my new Mac browser. I must say that I am very impressed. I miss tabbed browsing, but it is very fast and quite stable. I have had quite a few problems where Mozilla and Chimera seem to lock my Mac (The mouse still works, but you can’t seem to do…

007 – license to Advertise

We went and watched Die Another Day on Sunday. Completely preposterous but good fun anyway. It seems quite interesting that they picked North Korea as the bad guys given the current tensions. On the other hand I guess North Korea isn’t a big market for Aston Martin, Jaguar etc so no harm in upsetting them


Attachments has just started on the ABC. This is a show that I might have been interested two years ago. Now it just seems very dated. I find it hard to empathise with the characters as I know that they are doomed even if the series ends with them being successful.

Battery Replaced

I am sure that you will be pleased to know that the battery was replaced a couple of days ago.


For the last three days we have been living with a loud beep every 3 minutes thanks to a flat battery in a smoke detector. Unfortunately it is mains powered so removing the battery won’t help. Of course as soon as we leave the house some form of memory erasing ray causes us to completely…